In 2012 a carpentry workshop in the Italian town of Lissone was living very difficult times, like many other businesses in the joinery industry, especially those located in Monza-Brianza areas. Brianza has always been a cradle of design and high-level furnishings, being known, envied, but also appreciated and visited by people from all over the world. It used to be a must-see for great poets, writers and artists that exalted its qualities between the 19th and 20th century. Stendhal, during his journey in Brianza, defined it as “one of the most beautiful places in the world”.We therefore thought of turning criticality into possibility.
We invested in different professionals, construction equipment and methods. We never stopped looking for materials and finishing that could satisfy our customers’ varied needs. Our goal was to manufacture and master high quality industrial furnishing products. We won the challenge.

Today, we continue to offer planning, production, installation and assistance services at competitive prices. We ensure surprising rapidity and perfect management. This is the reason why a lot of major international brands trust us and choose our company as one of their partners.

Wood Design can make all types of furniture and design complements including those destined to hotels, restaurants, offices, trendy venues, residential premises, public places.
The customer’s design is our starting point. We then engineer furnishings, select materials, make samples and mock-ups that are also suitable to mass production.
This allows our projects to be replicable. We always analyze and optimize budgets.

We cooperate with architects and designers. Our engineering and production processes are totally custom-made. We master every single step of our projects. We make samples and full-scale mock-ups. We provide material finishing. We analyze the project feasibility from technical and financial perspectives. We supply our customers with cost and delivery time estimates. 

Our production department is supported by our ENGINEERING OFFICE made up of high level professionals with great experience in the sector. Our technicians study, design, and engineer all production processes. They analyze furnishing construction. They advise customers on the most innovative materials and suitable finishes to get to unique and distinctive formats.

Wood Design also coordinates outside companies and professionals, who play a fundamental role in achieving perfect final result.